The goals of Chakralicious Camp are to offer a variety of workshops, presentations, bands, and djs, and take people on a rite of passage through the 7 chakras. Our philosophy is that the chakras are the seven centres of spiritual energy in the human body, and when all of the chakras are aligned, we can experience full power and transcendence as a whole community. With our decor, classes, altars and educational offerings, we wish to give people an opportunity to go on a “chakra tour” and dive deeper into their own creative potential.

We have been very proud to host a wide cultural variety of people in our camp, in alliance with the multi colored theme of the chakras. All ages and walks of life are welcome, with no judgement towards anyone’s differences. We encourage people to join who are very friendly with good social skills, are on the path of personal growth and transformation, into health and healing, spiritual and philosophical awareness, sex positivity, environmental consciousness, and creating community.

Chakralicious Camp is a working, participatory camp, in that everyone needs to do a volunteer shift and show up 100%. No drop ins, no plug and plays. We provide some facilities, like optional meals, but water, shade, and grey water removal is up to each camper to provide.

We ask that those who wish to join Chakralicious Camp be open to having the most rewarding, connective experience possible on the playa. What that can look like is the following: a high yet super grounded vibration, using conscious communication skills to problem solve, (such as NVC),  health consciousness, lots of integrity, being community oriented, vibrant, energetic, and to take personal responsibility for your emotional experiences.  We are all ONE with the chakras!