It’s better to burn out…..than to fade away.
-Neil Young

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-I’m so glad I made it out to the playa and got to participate this year!


-This camp, and the beautiful people and love within it, was a massive part of what made my first burn this past September such a profoundly gorgeous experience. You built such a lovely family for us all out there in the desert. Thank you. It was such an honor to be a part of it.

-Thank you Sherry and Scooter, for creating this camp, my playa home.

-Congrats on a job well done and so glad I got to be a part in 2013. I’m so glad my Virgin experience on the Playa was at Chakralicious Camp. …I’ll definitely never forget it!

-I would just like to take a second to say thank you for all that you have done. To say that our experience with Chakralicious was life changing would be an understatement. The personal and relationship growth was far beyond anything we could have imagined. So thank you for taking so much time and energy to provide such a wonderful and safe space for us all to enjoy. Words can not express our gratitude.                                                   BK

-I am so glad I got in an experienced Chakralicious when I did. Great job you two and I hope you enjoy the burn from a new perspective next year!

-I congratulate both of you on a fine run and for your part in inviting our camp into Honeysuckle Hood and fostering community between all of us these last few years.

-Your Temple Dome was my favorite place at Burning Man. I learned about sex magic, masculine vs. feminine, the Akashic Records, and sacred cacao (for starters) and it played a starring role in my boyfriend and I falling in love on playa. To say it was a special place does not begin to do it justice. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your 5 years of service to this community. I will continue to be inspired by your work for a very long time to come. Much love.

-Thank you so much for welcoming us in this camp; this camp and this Burn have helped trigger something in me and I am so grateful for that. Thank you so much for both of you and for the people you gathered around you.

-The chakra dome was one of the wonders of the Playa. Sad that it will be no more. But happy for you in letting go at your peak.                                                                                      GJ

-A big Thanks to the both of you for all that you’ve offered burning man, all the camp participants and myself. Much love!

-Awh! Sad and yet excited for you two to be free again. So glad we were part of it in 2014. Super love.

-It’s been an awesome ride – thanks for including me!

-Congratulations on your transition and the beautiful effort that you have put in to create magic!

-You’re camp changed my Burning Man experience! Chakralicious Camp embraced me and showed me so much love and I learned to be fully free with my love! THANK YOU FOR CREATING THE SPACE FOR SO SUCH GROWTH!

-Thank you for the incredible space you created, and so excited that you guys will get to run wild this year!!!!

-So happy I got to be a part of the camp. You both created an amazing camp a beautiful gift to the playa!

-Thank you welcoming with open arms into your Burning Man family so many years ago. I will always cherish the memories we shared together on the playa. I celebrate Chakralicious’ five-year run, and your choosing to end on a high note. May the coming year be filled with expansiveness and ease for both of you. Just know however, you are not getting rid of me and others that easily. Family always.

-Thank you for your vision, dedication, patience, and most of all love to pull such a great time together! It was a beautiful space and group, and being their in 2014 was a big part of some major steps forward in my life.

-Thank you for all the devotion and joyful service!!!! You’ve truly provided in big ways and have much to feel fulfilled about, as well as many fabulous connections and memories!

-Your camp saved me on burn night. What an incredibly beautiful, warm, intentional space to have brought to the playa. Thank you!!!

-The End of an era. Thank you Sherry and Scooter for all that you have done and all the gifts you have created and given to so many, so selflessly. Thank you for always making me feel so welcome in your camp, and providing the space for me to teach year after year. You certainly deserve the rest! I look forward to seeing you on the playa sometime in the future doing nothing more than enjoying yourselves…

-Thank You for your ongoing Amazing, Juicy, Chakralicious Contributions to Burning Man!!

-That rainbow decorated dome was amazing!

-Thank you from the depth of my heart for your contribution- Chakralicious was an amazing camp and having been to many of your nights I can’t speak highly enough of that.

-Thank you for what you did. Thank you for Chakralicious Camp.                                                                                                   ES

-The space you created with Chakralicious Camp was incredible. The feeling of radical acceptance was strong at Chakralicious… it was one of my favorite aspects of the camp, with wafts of authenticity and homegrown effort to be a place of Radical Love on the playa. My gratitude is boundless for the opportunities of growth I received while helping build the camp the past two years. You two are rockstars and have done a lot to keep a part of Burning Man which is slowly fading away, Alive and Burning… Thank you! I love you!                                              EL

-Thank you for your generous friendshipping with Camp Mystic, your yumminess of food and chakras, your strong commitment (love hearing people do what they promise to themselves most of all:-) and happy days and nights to you all in the dusty future!