What’s New?

Hey luscious folks, good to see you again! We’ve got some updates to share with you about Chakralicious Camp 2014. Check them out and see what you think…


Here’s a slideshow we just made of the camp from the last 3 years if you’d like to get a feel for the vibe.




 For the 2nd year in a row Chakralicious Camp will be in the Honeysuckle Hood village, along with Heart Tribe and Camp Mystic. We are planning to embody a mind/heart/spirit trinity with the three camps, as well as potentially create a centralized keyhole area for the three camps to converge in. More to come soon…



This year we are adding a wall of chakra colored fabric to create a separation between the front and the back of the camp. This will be installed with lycra fabric stretched to metal rods staked into the ground and will run from the temple dome to the yurt and from the stage dome to the bower.

We are also building two 10 foot tall light towers, inspired by some art installations we saw at the Lucidity festival. These towers would be made of 2x4s and white fabric and have LED lights inside creating the 7 chakra colors.

And good news, Game Jesters! We are putting a shade canopy right behind the Chakraland game, complete with 2 chaise lounges for you to relax and entice players in. Yay!



For this year we have some camp roles that need to be fulfilled, with various discounts available to the right person(s) we find for the jobs. Several sound engineers, light technicians, and temple tea service hosts. Let us know if you  or someone you know might be a good fit.


PARTY & PARADE PERFORMERS: We would love to put together a chakra parade on Thursday at sundown to attract people for our night time chakra party that evening. Drummers, dancer, puppeteers, and the like are welcome. Also having live jams during meal time would be awesome as well.  Then, for the night time color pleasure chakra party, we are seeking people to help perform in our chakra ritual, so please let us know if this interests you.


STD/STI SAFETY: Ever get a cold sore, aka Herpes type 1? Turns out they are a lot more spreadable on the playa than one might think, due to the dry weather and easily chapped lips. If you are planning on kissing or being sexually intimate with folks at Burning Man and you know you carry this virus, please be extremely mindful of telling whomever you are with that you are a carrier prior to being intimate with them. It’s easy to forget this part, but playa health and safety is important. There are also medications that people take for herpes 1/cold sores such as Lysine or Acyclovir that can not only help prevent outbreaks but can also prevent others from catching the virus altogether. It is also possible for one to be contagious without showing signs of outbreaks. This is called the shedding process, and it’s when a person is contagious but no sores show up yet. This is the most common way herpes 1 is transmitted, so being prepared with medication prior to Burning Man is important. And unfortunately herpes 1 can jump ship from mouth to genitals, not a fun way for the person you just pleasured to spend the rest of their playa time.

 Here is a list of how to communicate prior to being sexually intimate with someone on the playa:

– When were you last tested for STDs, what did you get tested for, and what was the status of those tests?
– What is your current relationship status and sexual orientation, and what, if any, relationship agreements do you have that the other person should know about?
– What are your Safer Sex Protocols and needs?
– Optional: Quick rundown of any risky sexual things you’ve done since you were last tested.
– One or two things that you know you like sexually (or might want to do with this person).
– One thing you know you don’t like sexually (or that you aren’t up for today).
– Last step: Ask the other person, “And how about you?” and listen to what they say and how they say it.

So have fun, and play safe :)


Due to an increase of smokers last year, we have updated our smoking policy for the camp. Here goes:

 – No smoking of anything (tobacco, ganja, meth, cocaine, heroin, ketamine, banana peels, or cat tails included) in or near any of the public spaces of camp. This includes in or around any of the domes, structures, community shade canopy, in line for food, the Chakraland Game, showers, art installations, entrance sign, chakra silhouettes, etc. etc.

– Smoking in your personal camp/space is ok but if you happen to be camped next to or near a non smoker, they have the right of way and they can ask you to take it somewhere else or put it out. Please check in with your neighbors and see what’s possible for the week.

– As a smoker you are responsible for not ashing your cigarettes in Chakralicious Camp and disposing of your butts properly, meaning taking them away/off the playa with you in a closable container.

– If you see anyone in our camp, visitors or not, who aren’t respecting the smoking guidelines, please inform them what they are and have them stop.